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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist

I love Sweet Pea! My review on The new Fine Fragrance mist by Bath and Body Works

 When it comes to perfumes and body sprays, I really do not like them. I received The new Fine Fragrance Mist (Sweet Pea) from Influenster to test and review for free. I am not in any way being paid by Influenster or Bath and body Works to write this review. If you click on Influenster or bath and body works it will bring you to their websites!

I was so excited when I found out that they gave us an actual sized body instead of a travel or sample sized bottle. 

My review:
Sweet pea is one of the scents that I see all my friends with and I think it is one of the ones that smell the best. I honestly do not like any that have a strong scent to them but this one hits the spot! 

The body is made of clear hard plastic so if you drop the bottle it will be okay. The prize of it is $14 dollars which I think is fairly reasonable for an 8 oz bottle. Also, the new modern design of a flower on it is super cute and I like the fact that the bottle is a translucent green color at the bottom, then a translucent yellow at the top. I really like the fact that it sprays like a mist much like the name Fine Fragrance Mist. My skin is not left wet nor does the scent over power me. 

Where to buy it:

You can buy this product at a Bath and body works near you or check out their website at
It is $14 for an 8 fl oz bottle. 

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Is it just me or does this new bottle and style get a thumbs up!?