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Friday, May 25, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effect polish strips

What a bummer.

One of the items received in my VoxBox was Sally Hansen Effect Polish Strips. I received this item for testing purposes by influnester and am not being paid by either company to write a review about the product.  I was so stoked to try them out because they had many different colors in zebra (which is my favorite thing ever). 

This is the pattern I received. Not the cutest. 

This is what came in the pack. 

How do you put them on?

1. Select the best fitting strip for you nail, either end can be used.
2. Remove the clear plastic cover and then peel the nail polish strip from the plastic. 
3. Break the silver tab from the strip.
4. Place the strip against the cuticle line. Press onto nail and stretch for fit. 
5. Smooth over nail and fail away the excess strip. 

Repeat for all nails. 

So this is how it turned out...

 ...And this is what it looked like after 2 hours.

 Not the best product Sally Hansen has came out with. This gets a thumbs down from me.

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